Invest in Your Future With Sushi Sushi

Invest in Your Future With Sushi Sushi

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Why now is the time to invest in a Sushi Sushi franchise

The largest sushi franchise in Australia is continuing its expansion across the nation

Sushi Sushi revolutionised the way Australians eat sushi by bringing it to the mainstream. Before Sushi Sushi was founded in 1998, you needed to go to a high-end Japanese store and pay a small fortune in order to eat sushi. Sushi Sushi introduced sushi to millions by making high-quality sushi affordable, accessible and convenient. As a result, Sushi Sushi became the largest Sushi franchise in the nation, with more than 140 stores.

Over a 25 year period, Sushi Sushi has created a proven business model for entrepreneurs to capitalise on the demand for sushi. Our track record of continuous innovation, exceptional products and a robust infrastructure of training and support; has allowed our franchisees to excel for more than two decades.

As a business, Sushi Sushi has never been stronger. With low costs of ownership, three unique business models, regions ready for expansion and a leadership team that is passionate about your success, the time to invest in Sushi Sushi is now!

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3 reasons why Sushi Sushi isa smart investment


Our Culture of Support

When you buy a Sushi Sushi franchise, you’re joining a brand that is committed to helping you thrive and prosper. Our world-class training and ongoing support will give you all the resources you need to grow and develop into an exceptional business owner.

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Track Record of Success

Sushi Sushi has been helping franchisees thrive in the sushi business for more than two decades. We know exactly what it takes for your business to grow, and our leadership and operational teams will guide you on your journey.

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Regions ready for Sushi Sushi

While Sushi Sushi is the largest sushi franchise in Australia, we still have a lot of room to grow. With three unique business models to choose from, Sushi Sushi is ready to rapidly expand into new markets. All we’re missing is you!

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How much does itcost to open?

With the total investment ranging from $245,000- $700,000 for new locations, Sushi Sushi is one of the most affordable opportunities in the QSR industry. When you invest in Sushi Sushi, you get access to world-class training and support that will help you grow your business from day one.

$245,000 - $700,000 + GST

Initial Investment (Includes Franchise Fee)


Franchise Fee

To become a franchisee with Sushi Sushi, you will need to have access to money for investing and/or asset equity availability to work with our accredited banking representatives.

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Sushi Sushi offers 3 differentfranchise models

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, Sushi Sushi offers three unique business models that are designed for profitability and growth. If you’re passionate about owning a sushi store, we can find the right model for you.

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