How Much Can I Make?

Sushi Sushi stores are designed to maximise profitability

One of the best ways to determine if Sushi Sushi is a wise investment is by asking if our franchisees would reinvest in the brand if they had the chance to do it all over again. We’re proud to say that a large part of our growth comes from our existing franchisees reinvesting in our Sushi Sushi franchise opportunity by scaling up to multi-unit ownership.

sushi sushi franchise opportunity

The reason why our franchise partners reinvest in the brand is that our business models are designed to maximise profitability. In the restaurant business, food costs and labour costs are the biggest obstacles for profitability, but by creating a lower labour model, as well as managing our supply chain through the strength of our buying power, we work to keep ongoing costs as low as possible.

Our business model is designed for fast service and high volume, which is something Sushi Sushi does incredibly well. Our marketing team works with our franchisees to drive local engagement and win sales, and our strong national brand recognition means that Sushi Sushi has a ready-made audience of millions of people who love our product.

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