The Sushi Sushi Franchise Story

How the nation’s largest sushi franchise revolutionised sushi in Australia

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when getting sushi was almost unheard of in Australia. Before the rise of the internet and the emergence of foodie culture brought international flavours and adventurous appetites to everyday life, those who were interested in sushi either had to take a flight to Japan or go to high-end restaurants.

Everything changed when the first Sushi Sushi location opened in 1998 in Box Hill, Victoria. Suddenly, a food that was once unattainable to the everyday consumer became accessible, affordable and convenient. The products were exceptional and delivered on the mastery and beauty that sushi is known for, while also delivering on a price-point that appealed to everybody.

Sushi Sushi is the story of making sushi available to everybody

“Our founders began in 1998, and it really came off the back of a fish shop,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “Our founder was working in the fish shop during the day and in a high-end Japanese restaurant at night. She realised that sushi was quality fish on rice; simple quality ingredients artfully made together for an exceptional taste, and she asked one of her chefs to create a handroll that they could sell to customers in a fast, fresh and affordable way. They went from one store to another, really quickly, and this continues to this day. We still control every aspect of the supply chain, including sourcing and delivering our own quality ingredients, and we still grow in an organic way with the right franchisees.”

Staying True to Our Values

Even as Sushi Sushi has grown to become the largest sushi franchise in Australia, with over 140 locations, we’ve stayed true to our values of mastery, exceptional products, and a commitment to delivering an experience for our customers.

Our customers know that when they visit Sushi Sushi they’re eating something that takes a lot of time to get right, and even if they don’t know that every ingredient is sourced for the highest possible quality, they can taste the difference in every bite.

“What sets us apart is our purity and our simplicity,” Elsley says. “Consumers want the real deal, and they know that they get that from us. This business was never built on making money, it was always about creating experiences for people. We strive to deliver the best experience every time because we’re consistent, we’re affordable, and our product is truly exceptional.”


A bright brand with an even brighter future

You don’t get to be the largest sushi franchise without getting a few things right. In the 20 plus years since we’ve opened our first location, we’ve learned everything there is to know about what it takes to own a successful sushi business.

We’ve developed an industry-leading training and support platform that allows entrepreneurs with zero experience in the sushi industry to thrive as franchisees. We’ve developed three unique business models to capitalise on real-estate opportunities and allow our franchisees to grow. We’ve invested in marketing to better engage with our millions of fans and help grow brand recognition across the country.

Now, as sushi is more popular than ever before, Sushi Sushi is ready to help a new generation of entrepreneurs realise their own dreams and make better lives for themselves and their families.

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