The Inside Word From Our Franchisees

Our franchise partners open up about what they love about their businesses

Sushi Sushi is home to some of the most passionate, intelligent and hardworking franchisees in the franchise industry. While our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and professional histories, they’re united in their belief in our brand and their commitment to growing their stores and establishing long-term success. Here are our Sushi Sushi franchise owner reviews:

Here is what our franchisees have to say about being a part of Sushi Sushi:

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since the beginning. I’ve never taken a job in all my many years of my professional life. What I love about Sushi Sushi is that it allows me to spend a lot of time with my family at the same time as taking care of the shop. I don’t have to be in the shop all of the time to manage the business – I get to travel and be there for my family. Sushi Sushi has a very strong brand name, which makes it bankable – and a business without the support of the banks isn’t attractive financially. When I had my first interview with Sushi Sushi, I came home and asked my family what they thought about Sushi Sushi, and they absolutely love it. That was enough for me to become a franchisee!”

Jasin Halim

“The products are special because they’re hand-made. You don’t get this type of quality with the competition. The customers are so loyal. I’ve seen little kids grow up, and they come back with their families year after year. This sense of family is apparent between Sushi Sushi corporate and franchisees. They involve us in every decision, they never treat us like a customer, and we get support as soon as we need it. Their support made me very confident, and it encouraged me to grow. I’ve been in business for eight years, and I was confident enough to open my second location. This was my first job – and it’s the only job I want for the rest of my life. I love it! I want my little ones to take over the business when they grow up, but I want to be a part of this brand for a long, long time.”

Tina Yu

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