How Do We Support You?

Sushi Sushi franchise offers comprehensive training and an ongoing support platform designed to help you thrive in business

When you franchise with Sushi Sushi, you’re joining a brand that offers support from day one and every day after.

Our industry-leading support is the reason why you don’t need to have any experience in business before franchising with us. In fact, the vast majority of our franchisees had little to zero experience in a sushi business or even the restaurant industry prior to opening their first Sushi Sushi store.

Sushi Sushi can take you from an entry-level entrepreneur with no prior business experience, and help you become the entrepreneur you want to be.

“Our culture of support really makes us stand out because it’s so comprehensive,” says Jamie Stewart, National Operations Manager with Sushi Sushi. “We pride ourselves on helping our franchisees run profitable, growing businesses, and we’ve invested in the support infrastructure that provides our franchisees with all the resources they need to achieve their goals.”

Initial Training

Every new franchisee attends five weeks of intensive, hands-on training at a Sushi Sushi store. We will teach you everything you need to know about how our business model works, including how to use a knife, how to prepare our products, how to manage your stock, how to greet customers, how to lead a team, and much more.

At the same time, we also put our franchise owners through online training, which will help you through the process of learning how to manage your books, create a business plan and more.

Site Selection & Buildout

At Sushi Sushi, we have real-estate leasing down to a science. You will be helped by a team of professionals who know exactly what locations are ideally suited for Sushi Sushi stores in your market. We study demographics, income levels, foot traffic, visibility, and more to determine the right location, and when we find it, we’ll negotiate the lease agreement to ensure you get the best possible deal. When you’ve chosen your location, we also manage the entire buildout process.

“Getting the right location is essential to this business,” Stewart says. “We study locations and pinpoint which shopping centres we want to get into long before we even have a store there. When a new franchisee comes on board, chances are we already have several locations to choose from where a Sushi Sushi store would fit perfectly.”


Marketing can be one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business, but this isn’t the case with Sushi Sushi. We help you effectively communicate with your community to spread the word about your business. We help you with your social media, with digital marketing, as well as help you set up your business for mobile delivery on platforms like UberEats and Menulog.

In addition to helping with your local marketing efforts, we also help you from a national perspective. Our marketing team works diligently to ensure that our brand recognition continues to grow, and create engagement with our customers to win their loyalty, and get them excited to return to Sushi Sushi.

“As a marketing team, we take care of everything for our franchisees,” says Brooke Rodger, General Manager of Operations & Marketing. “We don’t expect our franchisees to know anything about marketing. We build brand awareness in their local area, we create retail marketing initiatives to help them drive sales, and so much more. We have incredible brand recognition, and we’re very well known in Australia, but we’re always looking for ways to continue to drive engagement that ultimately leads to sales for our franchisees.”

Ongoing Training

Our training doesn’t stop after your Grand Opening – far from it. We host regular meetings with you to help you fine-tune your business, answer your questions, and ensure that you’re meeting your sales goals. We also pair you with a Franchise Business Consultant, who will act as your go-to resource for support and they will be available when you need them. Your Franchise Business Consultant will make regular visits to your store to ensure your business is operating effectively.

“We help our franchise partners every step of the way,” says Leo Liu, Franchise Business Consultant with Sushi Sushi. “We get to know them, understand their goals, and we help them implement plans to achieve their goals. We’re a very hands-on brand, and our focus is to create as many successful franchisees as possible. If our franchisees are successful, the brand is successful. It’s as simple as that.”

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