What Makes the Culture at Sushi Sushi Franchise Special?

A strong culture of respect, support and a sense of community encourages and fuels franchise partners’ success

The culture at Sushi Sushi stands out. As members of the Sushi Sushi franchise, our franchise partners are surrounded by a support system and family-like culture designed to help achieve their goals for success.

How does Sushi Sushi do this? By valuing passion, teamwork and collaboration. We have a passion and love of food and all of our franchise partners are so very proud of the food they make. This is the heart and soul of our business.

Sushi Sushi Franchise employee hands customer sushi

At Sushi Sushi, our team members provide franchise partners with a 4-week world-class training that covers everything from making sushi to managing a profitable store, regardless of your level of experience. Our team also provides each franchise store with a designated operation consultant who is always there to assist with operational needs and provide ongoing coaching to help franchise partners build a strong culture with their local store’s employees.

We encourage franchise owners to immerse themselves in their local community; this connects with consumers on a personal level and develops customer loyalty, which in today’s economic climate, presents the opportunity to capitalise on post-pandemic consumer shopping habits. To help with this, we organise and facilitate franchise partner cluster meetings so they can learn from each other and share best practices to engage in the local community.

We were first to market with the humble hand roll in the late 1990s, and our attitude of innovation has been reignited over the past three years – we’re building stunning new stores, we’re creating amazing new products, and the business is poised for massive growth. We seek to recruit franchisees that are passionate about our brand, about sushi and want to create something that makes a difference in the lives of their employees, strengthens their communities and serves a fantastic product.

“Sushi Sushi franchise is truly a community,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “Sushi is an art that requires time to master. This is why we see our team members that have been with us for years, and even decades, become franchise owners – they just become a part of the family. They get to know this business, they get to love it and they become inspired to own businesses themselves.”

Sushi Sushi franchise is a partner-centric brand committed to franchisee success

As a franchise partner with Sushi Sushi, your voice will be heard. We not only listen to, but actively seek feedback and input from our franchisees when making decisions to propel our brand. We have regular state meetings for better communication and feedback with our franchise partners. Also, we partner department heads with different franchise partners to, once again, enhance the communication and actively seek your feedback.

The business is being led with an entrepreneurial spirit – meaning that if someone comes up with a fresh new idea, and they can back it up with some solid logic, they’ll be supported to give it a go. We may be big but we’re agile – no one is getting caught up in red tape. We’re not afraid to make mistakes by trying new things, and it’s how the business has managed to diversify and grow through the COVID period.

Franchised businesses are more than twice as likely to still be in business after 5 years than non-franchised businesses. In fact, 80 percent of Australian businesses surpass that major milestone when they invest in a franchise network. Franchising with Sushi Sushi allows you to take advantage of a refined and well-established system, involving less risk than that of a typical startup. Today, over 40% of our franchise partners in our network are multi-store owners with Sushi Sushi.

Sushi Sushi offers a fast-track to potential ROI and the added strength of our family culture makes our franchise a compelling investment for any aspiring entrepreneur. We have a strong desire for food innovation. Franchising with our brand builds strong, long-term equity. We are constantly on the look-out for new product development; we have a test kitchen in our support office and the chef always gets team members involved with new product testing. We also invite franchise partners into the support centre for product testing and actively seek for feedback. With the help of our industry experience and resources, together we can build your empire.

“As a franchisor, we’re obsessed with profitability and helping our franchise owners run their stores more efficiently and cost-effectively – yet we refuse to cut corners in building a truly incredible product,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “We’re on a quest for perfection and we’ve found that quest has made our brand and team incredibly special.”

Ready to invest in the Sushi Sushi franchise family?

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