Sushi Sushi Franchise FAQs

Answers to the most common questions about the Sushi Sushi franchise opportunity

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What is Sushi Sushi?

Sushi Sushi is the largest sushi franchise in Australia, with over 160 locations open across the country. Founded in 1998, our brand revolutionised how Australians eat sushi by making it more affordable and convenient than ever before without sacrificing the quality, consistency and beauty of our product. As sushi became more and more popular, so did Sushi Sushi. With millions of fans who love our product, there is tremendous demand for new locations. Our culture of support, commitment to the success of our franchise partners, and wide-open territory make Sushi Sushi a wise investment.

How much does Sushi Sushi cost?

The total investment to open a Sushi Sushi ranges from $345,000 – $595,000 plus GST.

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee for Sushi Sushi is $52,500 plus GST.

What are the financial requirements to invest in Sushi Sushi?

To become a franchisee with Sushi Sushi, you will need to have access to money for investing or asset security availability to work with our accredited banking representatives.

What are your business models?

Sushi Sushi offers three unique business models that range in terms of the size of the investment, ease of management, profit-potential and more. Regardless of the model you choose, no experience is required to own a Sushi Sushi franchise.

Here are our models:

Kiosk: Our traditional model is the kiosk. Designed for shopping centres, this model requires a small footprint, a small number of staff, and serves both dine-in and takeaway customers. All food is prepared on-site every day and requires an active owner at the beginning to ensure the store operates smoothly.

Store: Our largest model also offers the most profit-potential and the ability to serve the most customers. With a large dine-in space available, as well as takeaway, this model allows you to serve the lunch crowds. All food is prepared on-site every day, and this model requires a slightly larger number of staff, as well as a larger footprint. This model requires an active owner who wants to be in the restaurant on a regular basis.

Micro: Same great sushi; our micro offers a smaller footprint in selected locations. The product range is tailored to suit location reducing production requirements.

This model is also the lowest capital investment while still being part of the Sushi Sushi brand.

Do I need experience to franchise with Sushi Sushi?

No, we require zero experience in either the sushi business or the store business to join our brand. Our initial training is comprehensive and covers every aspect of owning your business – from basic knife skills, to how to prepare our products, how to greet customers, how to train your team, how to market your business to your community, and much, much more. We also provide a ton of ongoing support, such as regular field visits to your store, as well as regular coaching and mentoring to ensure you have everything you need to grow your business.

Can I become a multi-unit owner with Sushi Sushi?

Absolutely! Our business model is designed to maximise profitability and simplicity of operations. Because of this, we’re also a highly scalable concept. Over 40% of our existing franchisees own multiple locations. With three business models to choose from, we can help you capitalise on the opportunities that exist in your market.

How do I become a top-performer?

If you have the drive to succeed, follow our business model and utilise the support that we offer, there’s no limit as to how successful you can become. When you franchise with Sushi Sushi, we help you define your goals and go after them. We’re in business to help you succeed in business.

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