What is a Sushi Sushi Franchise?

Join the largest retail sushi franchise in Australia

Irasshaimase! Welcome! Sushi Sushi is more than the largest Australian sushi franchise, it’s also the brand with the proven recipe for entrepreneurs to excel as business owners.

As a franchise system, we’re obsessed with our quest for perfection just as the sushi masters before us. From our products, which are made by sourcing the best ingredients from near and far, to our business model, which emphasises profitability and scalability, to our relationship with our millions of customers. But the most important thing to us, is the success of our franchisees. We strive to provide a culture of community, trust, and support to help our franchisees grow.

After two decades in business, and more than 140 stores, Sushi Sushi continues to grow and evolve.

“Now is a great time to invest in Sushi Sushi,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “We want our franchisees to be the very best. Our franchisees all have their own goals and aspirations, and it’s our job as a franchise system to help them achieve those goals. We strive to help them become profitable, to grow their businesses, and our track record speaks for itself. Over 40% of our franchise owners have scaled up to multi-unit ownership. We’re looking for people who are passionate about sushi, about business ownership, and who share our quest for perfection to join us as we continue to grow.”

Australian sushi franchise

Sushi stores have never been more popular

Sushi is one of the most popular food options in Australia, with over 50% of Australians reporting that they love eating sushi the most out of any QSR (quick service restaurant) food options.

Australians owe a big part of their love of sushi to Sushi Sushi. Founded in 1998, Sushi Sushi truly revolutionised sushi by introducing it to mainstream culture. Before our brand opened, sushi was unobtainable to most people and only offered in high-end, expensive Japanese stores.

We rolled out a menu that appealed to the lunch crowds by making it affordable, convenient and accessible, without ever cutting corners on our ingredients.

Today, Sushi Sushi is more popular than ever. Even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sushi Sushi stores were busier than ever before with takeaway orders, and our franchisees benefited from selling a product that their customers cannot make at home.

“The product is what makes Sushi Sushi such an attractive opportunity,” Elsley says. “As a franchisor, we’re obsessed with profitability and helping our franchise owners run their stores more efficiently and cost-effectively – but we refuse to cut corners on the product. All of our ingredients that we use have a story, and that all builds a truly incredible product. The customer may not know that we source our rice directly from Japan, but they can taste the difference in every bite. We’re on a quest for perfection, and there’s something about that quest that makes this brand special.”


We exist to help you thrive in business

Investing in Sushi Sushi means that you’ll never be alone in your business. Our culture of support is all-encompassing, and we start from the moment you sign your franchise agreement to give you all the resources you need to excel as a business owner.

“We have a five-week training program that teaches franchisees every aspect of the business, from how to make the food, how to run a store,” Elsley says. “The training is really based on the acumen of the individual. Some people will need a whole lot more time because we’re teaching people not just how to make food, but also how to make money. You need to know how to manage the books, how to drive sales, how to upsell, and how to greet customers – and all of those are equally as important as making the food.”

And our support only deepens from there. We provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure that you’re meeting your goals, and we also visit your stores on a regular basis to ensure that your businesses are operating efficiently.

We provide help in every aspect of your business from marketing, to scaling up, to multi-unit ownership, and more. The entire team of Sushi Sushi exists to support you.

“Sushi Sushi is a great business to be a part of,” says Jasin Halim, multi-unit franchisee. “This brand is really growing, and they’re expanding their network. The training is the best I’ve ever seen. The beautiful thing is that the support is also available for you about how you can improve your store. They will hold your hand along the way, and they’re very knowledgeable. This brand is always with you.”


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