Popularity Driving Profit Potential for Sushi Sushi Franchise

Despite the global restaurant industry’s challenging year, Sushi Sushi franchise is on a roll

Leading market analysis organisation, Roy Morgan Research has labelled Australia as “the land of the rising sushi.” Sushi Sushi franchise has quickly made a name in the booming industry as Australia’s largest and most-loved sushi brand.

The Sushi Sushi Box Hill location has been thriving since 1998 as the very first retail sushi outlet in Victoria. Today, over 130 locations across Australia and New Zealand are bringing sushi out of expensive restaurants and into the hands of everyone.

Sushi Sushi franchise products

Sushi Sushi franchise is a proven business model with over 20 years of experience as a market leader in Australia’s profitable industry. Our business success is quickly expanding through our franchise partners who are passionate about delivering an exceptional sushi experience to their customers.

“The product is what makes Sushi Sushi such an attractive opportunity,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “As a franchisor, we’re obsessed with profitability and helping our franchise owners run their stores more efficiently and cost-effectively – yet we refuse to cut corners in building a truly incredible product. Every ingredient has a story. The customer may not know that we source our rice directly from Japan, but they can taste the difference in every bite. We’re on a quest for perfection and we’ve found that quest has made our brand and team incredibly special.”

Sushi Sushi franchise owners benefit from growing demand as social trends boost earning potential

Created from the freshest, high-quality ingredients, Sushi Sushi franchise owners are capitalising on the consumption trends that lean towards health benefits, convenience and affordability. As a result, Sushi Sushi is appealing to the 51.6% of Australians that said they enjoyed eating sushi more than any other food product.

Fueled by the growth in emerging markets, such as healthier menu options and skyrocketing need for convenience, quick-service restaurant concepts like Sushi Sushi continue to outperform full-service eateries worldwide.

Sushi Sushi franchises are meeting this growth with three unique business models that make finding the right location easier than ever before. With affordable startup costs, best-in-class support and a culture that emphasises the quest for perfection, the time to invest in Sushi Sushi is now.

“Now is a great time to invest in Sushi Sushi,” says Elsley. “We want our franchise partners to be the very best. Our franchise partners all have their own goals and aspirations and it’s our job as a franchise system to help them achieve those goals. We strive to help them become profitable, to grow their businesses and our track record speaks for itself. Over 40% of our franchise owners have scaled up to multi-unit ownership. We’re looking for people who are passionate about sushi, about business ownership and who share our quest for perfection to join us as we continue to grow.”

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