What Our Franchisees Have To Say About Franchising with Sushi Sushi

Franchise partners attest, our ongoing support aids in growing and sustaining your sushi franchise business

Founded on the idea to make sushi a more accessible experience than what was historically found in expensive restaurants, Sushi Sushi has emerged as leaders in the industry by bringing sushi into the hands of everyone. For more than 20 years in business, Sushi Sushi franchise owners have brought accessibility, affordability and convenience to the mastery and beauty that sushi is known for worldwide.

Sushi Sushi franchise employee places take out bag on sushi counter

Our brand is home to some of the most passionate, intelligent, and hardworking franchise partners in the franchise industry. In a recent video, we highlighted what our partners had to say about franchising with Sushi Sushi and how their love for our products and guidance from our supportive industry experts are enhancing their success.

Known as the land down under, Australia is located down under Asia – so it comes as no surprise that the traditional Japanese cuisine is such a mainstay of the Australian food culture. Their love affair with Japanese food is driven by the cuisine’s seasonality, simplicity and abundance of flavour and the culture is captivated by sushi’s sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients. Sushi Sushi is built on our love of delicious, healthy ingredients with the freshest and highest quality in the prevalent market of Japanese cuisine.

One of our long-standing franchise partners, Tina Yu said, “Our product is totally different from all the others because every ingredient is made fresh.”

After capitalising on her love for Sushi Sushi franchises immediately after graduation, she has now been in business for over 8 years.

“This was my first job,” she says. “It’s the only job I want for the rest of my life. I love it! I want my little ones to take over the business when they grow up, but I want to be a part of this brand for a long, long time.”

Jasin Halim, a Sushi Sushi franchise owner agreed:

“My family loves Sushi Sushi,” he says. “This franchise opportunity has allowed me to work successfully, but not spend all my time in the shop. I can spend more time with my family, while still managing my business.”

As a franchise owner for about a year, Halim has been an entrepreneur since his first adventure in business. When asked what attracted him to Sushi Sushi, he says, “Firstly, it’s strong branding, which makes it bankable – and a business without the support of the banks isn’t attractive financially.”

Opening its first location in 1998 in Victoria, Australia, Sushi Sushi is capitalising on the growth of the industry. According to research, Japanese food is publicised as ranking among the highest provisions on Australia’s consumer palate. As Australia’s largest and most beloved sushi brand, Sushi Sushi has established over 140 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

While our franchise partners come from diverse backgrounds and professional histories, they’re united in the belief that our brand and our commitment is focused on our franchisee’s success and establishing their long-term profitability.

See the full video of what our franchisees have to say here.

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