Sushi Sushi Franchise Review: Q&A with Scott Meneilly

Director and CEO of Australia’s largest sushi franchise opens up about why now is an exciting time to invest in the brand

Sushi Sushi is led by a visionary executive team who puts the success of our franchise partners above everything else. Every initiative we launch, large and small, is designed to benefit our franchise partners and help them become more profitable in their businesses.

This franchisee-focused culture is the reason why after more than two decades in business, Sushi Sushi is the largest sushi franchise in Australia. Now, as the brand actively expands across the nation, Sushi Sushi is seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join our brand.

To help explain why Sushi Sushi is such a compelling opportunity, we recently spoke with Scott Meneilly, Director and CEO of Sushi Sushi. Under Meneilly’s leadership, Sushi Sushi has continued to grow and innovate, help franchise partners thrive during the lockdowns, and now look towards an even brighter future.

Tell us the origin story of Sushi Sushi. How was Sushi Sushi founded?

Meneilly: Our founders began in 1998, and it really came off the back of a fish shop. Our founder was working in the fish shop during the day and in a high-end Japanese restaurant at night. She realized that sushi was just fish on rice, and she asked one of her chefs to create a handroll that they could sell to customers in a fast, fresh and affordable way. They went from one store to another, to another really quickly, and this continues to this day. We still control every aspect of the supply chain, we have our own drivers, source our own ingredients, and we still grow in an organic way with the right franchise partners.

Why do customers love Sushi Sushi?

Meneilly: What sets us apart is our purity and our simplicity. Consumers want the real deal, and they know that they get that from us. This business was never built on making money; it was always about creating experiences for people. We strive to deliver the best experience every time because we’re consistent, we’re affordable, and our product is truly exceptional.

What makes the product so incredible?

Meneilly: The product is what makes Sushi Sushi such an attractive opportunity. As a franchisor, we’re obsessed with profitability and helping our franchise owners run their stores more efficiently and cost-effectively – but we refuse to cut corners on the product. All of our ingredients that we use have a story, and that all build a truly incredible product. The customer may not know that we source our rice directly from Japan, but they can taste the difference in every bite. We’re on a quest for perfection, and there’s something about that quest that makes this brand special.

What is special about the culture of Sushi Sushi?

Meneilly: Everything is centered around respect. Our job and sole focus as a franchisor is to help our franchise partners grow. Nowhere was this more evident than Covid-19, which impacted every business in the nation. We were able to leverage our support to help our franchise partners not only continue to drive sales but also keep their employees and customers safe. Now, our stores are busier than they’ve ever been. Our culture values hands-on support that puts our franchise partners first.

Why is now a great time to invest in Sushi Sushi?

Meneilly: Now is a great time to invest in Sushi Sushi. We want our franchise partners to be the very best. Our franchise partners all have their own goals and aspirations, and it’s our job as a franchise system to help them achieve those goals. We strive to help them become profitable, to grow their businesses, and our track record speaks for itself. Over 40% of our franchise owners have scaled up to multi-unit ownership. We’re looking for people who are passionate about sushi, about business ownership, and who share our quest for perfection to join us as we continue to grow.”

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