What’s Special About Our Culture?

Sushi Sushi franchise fosters a culture that is centered around respect, support and community

Becoming a franchisee with Sushi Sushi means you’re becoming a part of something much larger than yourself. You’re joining a brand that calmly chases perfection and consistency and views every customer as an opportunity to prove our mastery, to showcase the beauty of our food, and the quality of our ingredients.

You’re also joining a brand that values passion, teamwork, and collaboration above all else. We believe that our franchisees should be rewarded for running successful stores, and as a franchise system, we work diligently to help them become profitable and grow their businesses.

You don’t do it alone. When you franchise with Sushi Sushi, you’re joining a brand that knows what it takes to become successful in a sushi business. You benefit from our world-class trainers and coaches, as well as from fellow franchisees, who know more about this business than anyone and are always willing to help. You’ll also get to lead a team and create a culture of your own that encourages your team to dream big, become ambitious, and own businesses themselves. Your opportunity will create numerous other opportunities.

“Sushi Sushi is truly a community,” says Olivia Elsley, COO of Sushi Sushi. “It takes a long time to get this business right, and that’s because sushi is an art that requires time to master. This is why we see our team members over years and decades become franchise owners because they just become a part of the family. They get to know this business, they get to love it, and they become inspired to own businesses themselves.”

sushi sushi franchise culture

Sushi Sushi becomes such a part of people’s lives that it’s often hard to walk away from.

“One of the very first Sushi Sushi employees ever resigned after 20 years,” Elsley says. “Shortly after leaving, he came to me and said what I’m doing isn’t fulfilling, Sushi Sushi is part of who I am. And now he owns, not one but two Sushi Sushi stores and employs the people he used to work with. His story just shows just how special this business is.”

What Type of Person Becomes a Top-Performer with Sushi Sushi?

Sushi Sushi franchisees are truly special people. Whether they’re investing with their family to build a better life together, parents investing for their children, or an entrepreneur takes on the opportunity alone, investing in Sushi Sushi is all about realising a dream. We seek to recruit franchisees that are passionate about our brand, about sushi, and want to create something that makes a difference in the lives of their employees, strengthens their communities, and serves a fantastic product.

These qualities are the only experience you need to franchise with Sushi Sushi. We can teach you the rest.

“Everyone wants to share in the good things,” says Tina Yu, franchisee. “20 years after the brand was founded, Sushi Sushi is still strong, and the customers love us more than ever. The future of this brand is incredibly bright. If you love this brand, if you love what you do, then the customer will share in this love with you.”

Your Voice Will Always Be Heard

Sushi Sushi prides itself on being a partner-centric brand. Every decision we make, large or small, we seek the input of our franchisees to help us move the brand forward.

“Our culture is centered around respect for our franchisees first and foremost,” says Jamie Stewart, National Operations Manager. “We truly value their opinions, as they know this business inside and out, and whatever initiative we come up with has to be of benefit to them. We always seek their input and take their opinions to heart. Our goal is to help them become successful, and a big part of that is listening to what they need from us.”

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